Instagram Marketing

Want to increase your followers and engagement with "REAL ACCOUNTS" not those bots that you've heard about? Join our International Loop Giveaway to grow your brand. This is the quickest and most effective way to grow your account. 


3 loop hosts have teamed up to create IMG Loops. All the three loop hosts have more than 2+ years of loop experience, so you're working with professionals. Their experience has allowed them to craft some of the best loops on Instagram and have enabled them to work with hundreds of sponsors. The sponsors they work with are reputable, and they always line up extra sponsors in all of their loops to have a successful loop. 


Each page (usually bloggers and small shops) participating in a loop giveaway pays a ‘buy-in’ amount. This buy-in goes towards the purchase of the prize, sponsors fees, special shout outs and an administrative fee. On the given day and the given time, each person involved in the loop giveaway posts the giveaway image and the wording. Followers like and follow all the loop participants until they reach back to the page on which they first started the loop. Sometimes there are extra things you can do to raise your chances of winning. These include liking the last few photos on a blogger/shop’s page, tagging a friend, or responding to a question asked, etc.


Every host has an assigned "tag buddy" that they tag in their text/script which directs the entrant to the next “host” in the loop.


All of our loops have a MANDATORY REPOST the following day at the same time as our launch time. You'll be provided with the reduced script and you will post the same tag buddy that you have tagged in your original photo. The repost only has to remain up for 4 hours, then you can archive it. 


When the giveaway closes, you'll replace your caption with a 'closing caption' that will be provided to you by the loop hosts. All accounts are asked to send in nominations. From there we'll use an online randomizer website that will select a few names. We then compile all the nominees on one “finalist list” and do a final randomized pick for our final Prize Winner!